Transitioning to a Green Future…

Trusted Professionals

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you walk through the licensing process.  For over 6 years we have proudly helped numerous cultivators and cannabis businesses successfully navigate the newly formed and continuously evolving, state and local regulations throughout several regions of the country. 

State and Local Permit Assistance

New Business Development

Like any good farmer, we work from the ground up. We can assist with the initial formation of your business entity and work with you to design a premise that meets all practical and regulatory requirements.

Reaching a New Market

Already an existing cultivator who’s fine tuned your systems, layout and growing process? Let’s put it on paper so you can tap your roots into the ever expanding economic stream, while also allowing you to rest assured that your livelihood is protected.

Project Expansions & Amendments

When you grow, so should your business. From expanding your square footage to adding commercial buildings, together we can move to the next tier.

Honest Reviews

The knowledge of residential & commercial requirements were a huge advantage to us, as we transitioned our existing business.

Tommy S – Cultivator

HP has the professional skills and expertise to successfully make projects a reality. I have enjoyed working with Menkin on a variety of projects in Nevada County from permitting through construction. She has great rapport with agency staff and pays attention to the details. I would highly recommend High Pockets LLC to anyone who is looking to develop or seek approval for a project.

Bryan M – Civil Engineer